£9000 in 4 weeks… Here’s how my client did it!

Kelly super-charged her consulting business in a very short time!

She contacted me 5-weeks ago as she’d hit a plateau in her consulting business since the start of April, after a great Q1 this year. She needed a boost to get cash flow coming in again. 

Kelly’s massively shifting from wedding planning into consulting services for wedding venue clients.

Her desire was to book more one to one consulting projects, to get consistency in sales and cash flow and not be affected by the seasonality of typical wedding businesses.

Together we got into massive inspired action very quickly!

Kelly Chandler | The Bespoke Wedding Company | Segerius Bruce Coaching

We mapped out Kelly’s high-end consulting offering “Refine & Shine 3-month program” with a price point of £3000 and shifted her focus away from selling lower price point (+-£300) training days for now.

Kelly got crystal clear on who EXACTLY her ideal client for this high-end offering is.

I got stuck in and designed the sales page mock-up for Kelly’s web-developer and sunk my teeth into advising Kelly on what to say on the sales page so that the copywriting would be bang on point for this market and speak directly to her client.

By week 2 Kelly had sold 2 x Refine & Shine Programs at £3000 each and by week 4 she’d sold another £3000 service to one of these ideal clients!

That’s a total of £9000 worth of consulting business in 4 weeks and we’re not even done with this coaching program yet! We have more in the pipeline so watch this space 😉

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Kelly’s “why” for moving into more consulting work centres around her gorgeous little girl. Working fewer weekends will mean having more time off with her in the near future.

Kelly’s able to offer consulting sessions both in-person and via Skype which offers major flexibility!

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