Lisa Johnson - Just Own This - Carmella Weddings

 I secured £50k worth of contracts in a 48 hour period (selling places onto my new group program)!

Before working with Chanelle I’d become pretty successful but knew I needed to take that next step in the coaching world!

I’d worked with quite a lot of coaches but felt that I was at a point where I needed someone that really was a huge step up. Then I found Chanelle. Her testimonials spoke for themselves and were from people I trusted in my industry so I went for it.

I’m so glad I did. Not only is Chanelle such a great support, a calm and sensible guide in my usually manic world, she’s also really tech savvy and full of ideas on how to get the best out of you, your message and your brand.

After working with Chanelle a short time, I secured £50k worth of contracts in a 48 hour period in one business and started a huge rebrand for the other which I now have the confidence to do and which will have a great impact on my business.

Chanelle stops my limiting beliefs fast, helps me think bigger and is a fantastic support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her

Lisa Johnson


Claire Morgan PHotographer

€13k June // €13k July and on track for €15K August 2017. That's €41 000 Euros in 90-Days for photography and personal branding work!

Chanelle helped me get clear on how to package my offering and what price point it should be. I learned how to attract my ideal clients through creating a very personal brand.

I know sell high-end photography and branding packages to global clients. 

•• Claire is currently coaching with me and booked a dream assignment shooting for The Divine Living Academy live event with Gina Devee in both Mallorca, Paris and LA this year! - Chanelle •• 

Claire Morgan


Kelly Chandler Testimonial for Chanelle Segerius Bruce Coaching

During the 6-Week accelerator program with Chanelle, I signed high-end consulting packages with new clients totaling £14 000! 

We got super clear on my Brand Hero (ideal client, but deeper!). I got focussed and gained clarity around exactly what my signature program would be and how to explain to my potential clients what benefit they would receive by working with me. 

I've signed up to work with Chanelle again in her 4-month program and I'm celebrating £11 000 worth of income in November 2017!


Kelly Chandler


I'm now creating CONSISTENT 5-FIGURE MONTHS (USD $) in my business! My signature package is now priced at $3500.

Although I had been working for myself for 20 years, I lad lost my inspiration and was ready to change direction and up-level in all areas of my business.

Chanelle helped me get into inspired action through helping my implement top quality business strategy, focus mindset and an ever-encouraging passion for what she does.

I launched a new branding package in 2 weeks! I tripled my income in the first month of working with her.

My brand is fresher and attracts my ideal clients easily, and I am in a position to reach my financial goals without sacrificing my lifestyle or freedom.

Carol Hampshire



Workshops-Marketing-Retouched-5853 (3)

I launched and sold out 4 workshops, in 3 locations, aimed at wedding and portrait photographers and I have a number of people on a waiting list for the next one!

I would recommend working with Chanelle as she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help any entrepreneur who is wanting to launch something but isn't sure of where to start.

My most important work to date with Chanelle has been to get clear on my branding and website which is now in development and I am so excited to see the results.

Jacki Bruniqual


Within 12 weeks I’d booked 4 new coaching clients all on 90-Day Packages and brought in $10 000 to this new branch of my business!

I’d been looking to introduce coaching for the last 6 months, but with a full-time blogging business, I lacked clarity and accountability to make it happen. First we increased the rates of my blogging advertising and upped the minimum contract which increased my existing income.

My 90-day coaching programme with Chanelle has been transformative! I needed a business coach to help push me to officially launch my new business with a clear direction. I’ve gone from an idea, to creating a high-level brand and developing and launching my new coaching website, all within 12 weeks.

Even before the new brand and website launched I was securing new vibrant coaching clients, who were attracted to my unique form of coaching.

I recommend working with Chanelle because her experience of creating high-level kick ass brands, mixed with focused accountability is dynamite in launching new projects.

Laura Payne-Stanley



We're now selling 3-month mentoring packages (priced at £1800) to upcoming wedding planners - a brand new income stream!

We really struggled with some of the technology around our business, not knowing the “tech” would inevitably hold us back with a project or launch. Through working with Chanelle she gave us the confidence to try systems that would, in turn, bring us more profit into the business. One way she helped was through teaching us how to create our first paid webinar from sales page to the actual recording of the training, this now brings us regular passive income. 

Through her help, we gained mentoring clients as a direct result of her marketing suggestions. She helped break through some of the mental barriers we had regarding selling our services. At times we were a little too “British” in our approach! Having weekly calls with Chanelle made us accountable to our goals and as a result, we achieved them far faster.

Chanelle helped us launch a revamped mentoring service advising us what to include on a sales page and how we should promote and price this new service.

She also pushed our boundaries with being more visible, by encouraging us to hold Facebook Lives in our various groups plus create our YouTube channel with regular videos uploaded. She taught us the principles of Facebook ads giving us the confidence to run our own. One such ad has enabled us to grow our mailing list by over 400 in just 2 months. We created a free mini-course which fed into a Facebook group which we are growing steadily.

We recommend working with Chanelle because she’s good fun, down to earth and really prepared to share her wealth of knowledge in order to help her clients’ businesses thrive. Thank you Chanelle!

Bernadette and Sandy



I'm now successfully selling life & business coaching programs priced at $2500 each!

When I started working with Chanelle, I was keen to have a new challenge in business ( having had a successful hair & makeup business for 20 years). However, I could not seem to focus and get moving with any of my ideas; I felt lost and frustrated.

Chanelle helped me determine the outcome that I desired and consequently which business could fulfill that; once I had that clarity, Chanelle gave me the support and encouragement that I needed to put that business into gear.

My journey with Chanelle has been wonderful; she has kept me on target with my goals and each week I look forward to updating her on my achievements as well as to talk through any new challenges.

I feel very excited for my future now that I am on the path to making my new dreams come true, and doing something else that I find very rewarding.

I’ve had a beautiful personal branding shoot, created my first sales page and started my own Facebook Group as well as a new Instagram account for my new business. I feel more and more confident doing Facebook Live videos, which were very daunting to me at first!

Thank you so much, Chanelle!

Claire Nicole




Since the full re-brand, I was invited to speak alongside Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols in a personal and professional development summit! 

Synchronicities connected Chanelle and I, when I was looking for a website developer. My old website was overdue for a make-over, and in my mind, I had crafted a new brand that I needed to visually put to life. I felt like I had outgrown my old brand. The moment I spoke to Chanelle I knew she was the one for the job.

Because Chanelle does so much more than just the website design, she was able to help me with the process from a to z. She made the process feel effortless from the beginning until end. I had put off creating a new site for some time as it felt like it would be so much work, but Chanelle made the process fun. Her commitment and love for what she does were evident, and she was very patient with me as I’m extremely picky when it comes to design. However, because Chanelle understood what I needed she was able to quickly find the right solution. During our work together we put my new brand into a visual concept, created a new logo, pictures, and website to properly reflect my new brand.

Because of Chanelle’s understanding of my industry, online marketing skills and visual understanding as a designer and photographer, she did what most other web developers can’t do - complete the entire process for the rebrand and website from a to z with quality in every step. I would recommend Chanelle to anyone who is serious about creating their personal brand and website and who understands the value of quality. Chanelle's background in the advertising world gives her a huge advantage for anyone who wants to create a unique personal brand from the ground up.

Again, thank you so much for everything! Hugs! 


Vibeke Schurch

Success-soul® living | HEALER & BUSINESS COACH (Full personal brand creation with photos, video, website, coaching and VIP Intensive in The Seychelles)


We learned more in that 1hr session than all the advice we’ve received to date.

Thank you so much for the 1hr Skype call we had with you to learn more about social media. You were incredibly open and warm with all your advice and knowledge. Thank you so much. You’re lovely!

Pippa & Ian


Julia Boggio Coaching Testimonial

As a result of my work with Chanelle, I have become more proactive in reaching out to the clients who already love my work and she’s helped me to organise my life better. I’m actively seeking out speaking engagements to promote my online training and the website should be launching soon.

While I worked with Chanelle, she helped me to focus on getting results by going back to basics; she encouraged me to reach out personally to clients and build relationships again (I used to have a staff who managed these relationships for me). She also helped me to make decisions about where to take the business and has been invaluable in coaching me on how to add online training to my offering.

Julia Boggio


I had a vague idea about a business that I wanted to explore and was looking for a business coach to help me with this. I got in touch with Chanelle and we had a one-day intensive in South Africa to kick things off. What started out as an idea that morning, quickly progressed into a plan and by the end of the day I was ready to get my business started! 

Before meeting Chanelle, I knew I wanted to start something, but my confidence and mindset needed a bit of work. Our intensive gave me some practical tools around a business startup but the most important thing I walked away with that day was the confidence to put my idea into action and to really pursue my passion. 

After our intensive, I knew I needed Chanelle as my coach for a bit longer and I signed up for one of her coaching packages. I needed more in-depth help with my brand, more accountability to really get things going and to keep momentum, and also some ongoing mindset work. 

In two months, from our initial meet up to a few coaching sessions, I already have a much clearer idea of my brand and a beautiful new website to match it. Without Chanelle’s guidance and constant encouragement, I would never have achieved this so quickly and so high end! Chanelle showed me how to identify my brand, what it looks and feels like, how to write good copy and how to use it all to attract my ideal clients. I was lucky enough to have Chanelle do my personal branding shoot for me and she took the most amazing pictures which perfectly reflect me and my brand. I am still blown away with what I’ve created and this would not have been possible without Chanelle’s experience and expert eye for branding and business. I already have a number of bookings and enquiries, and I haven’t officially launched my business yet!!!

Bev Jardine



I tripled my price point for my key offering and I’m planning a 20-30% increase of that rate because demand for my services is so high now and I am attracting my ideal clients daily.

I was frustrated in my business because I felt like I was working incredibly hard for a minuscule amount of money and despite changing several processes within my business, my model was failing. I’d fallen out of love with my business, had no personal brand to speak of and my mindset was frustrated, agitated and slightly hopeless. I knew my skill levels were excellent but I was attracting the wrong clients and the wrong kind of work which left me drained both emotionally and financially.

While I worked with Chanelle, she helped me find my personal branding voice. She also helped me with a lot of mindset work, and overall marketing strategy. Chanelle has an incredible eye which helps when what you do is largely visual so I find her advice and suggestions valid and invaluable. She’s become a sounding board in all areas of my business and her opinion is one I value highly. 

Chanelle’s advice on what my product offering should be and pricing was bang on the money. When I first started the process I was considering charging a third of the pricing I eventually went with – and 4 months into coaching I am already planning a 20-30% increase of that rate because demand for my services is so high now and I am attracting my ideal clients daily.

As a result of my work with Chanelle, my life has completely done a 180! I have gone from a frustrated web designer and developer with a failing business to an internationally recognized and successful web expert who is highly regarded in my field and attracting work from all over the world from my ideal clients. The minute I implemented Chanelle’s suggestions of a more personal brand with my voice, the bookings and the money began flowing almost immediately. It took 4 months to turn my business, and my financial situation around, and I look forward to the next year of continued personal and financial growth.

I recommend working with Chanelle because she will help you crystallize your offering and find your voice. You will attract those elusive ideal clients by using her practical techniques and advice. She holds you accountable while encouraging you to push yourself to succeed.

Honestly, before coaching with Chanelle I wasn’t totally convinced I needed coaching, but having been through the process, I was pleasantly surprised by how incredibly valuable and tangible the process is. I am so happy I did this with Chanelle and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Chantal – 1 Day Webs



Made $2K for 2-Hours of one-on-one consulting work

After a week of working with Chanelle…

“Hi Chanelle, the private consulting went better than I could have hoped!

My client loved the whole process. After the session, my client opened up his chequebook and wrote me a check for $2k and handed it to me.

I can’t put into words how it feels to be paid based on value rather than time. I am so grateful for your assistance and encouragement.


I just made $2k for 2 hours of work…

I can surely get used to this. ”

Joe – Shifter Magazine



VIP Coaching Intensive in Cape Town

My new business launched within 2 weeks of our intensive! Fast forward 6 months and I’ve just returned from The Bahamas after shooting a dream assignment for a new Brand Visioning client.

Chanelle helped me craft a story around my marketing and find ways to connect with my clients on a personal level so that they would jump at the chance to work with me. I learned how to find my clients and how to market to them in a personal way and came away buzzing with ideas and with a marketing plan in place.

She helped me get clear on how to package my offering and what price point it should be. How to market my new service online by creating sales and opt-in pages and how to attract my ideal clients through creating a very personal brand.

I’m now doing brand and business visioning for creative entrepreneurs.

I recommend working with Chanelle because she knows her stuff, explains things very well and is very passionate when it comes to business and marketing. Chanelle vibrates at a high energy which is very contagious!”

Claire Morgan



Before the Skype Coaching Intensive, my new photography business was a nice portfolio with no business infrastructure around it. I was feeling confused about which social media channels to use, where to put the bulk of my marketing and sales efforts and most of all I was confused about how to format my new website.

Chanelle helped me to recognise the functionality, aesthetic, and key elements of a successful website for my business. She provided spot-on examples of other professionals in my field who had done this successfully and talked me through many of the doubts or questions I had about which information to include and how to present it in a business savvy way.

Chanelle also helped me to identify the most effective social media channels for my audience and provided inspiration on blogging that made me excited to write blogs again – something that had previously become a very mundane task.

I walked away with a clear idea on how to plan and build a new website for my business, as well as a confirmation on the social media and marketing pieces I was previously feeling confused about pursuing or using in my business.

Chanelle is extremely knowledgeable in her field, up to date with the latest online platforms for marketing, and her answers are straightforward, honest, and grounded in the latest statistics. She is relatable and has many examples in her own personal career of how to make a business successful and balanced.

Jocelyn Mandryk



This month, Nicole’s had her biggest income month EVER in her photography business.

Before Coaching with Chanelle, I felt disorganised, directionless and uninspired. 

Chanelle’s helped me take positive steps for my business through creating a more focused direction, by providing detailed steps on how to organise my days, how to target the clients I am looking for and on creating balance on all aspects of my life. 

I feel clear on the direction I need to go in, I feel motivated to create a business I am passionate and proud of and to charge my worth and value my skills in the business world. Chanelle is full of positivity and has so many amazing ideas on how to improve your business, not with cookie cutter ideas, but rather finding unique solutions tailor made for you.

I recommend Chanelle as a business coach because she has years of varied business experience [from design to retouching, photography, branding, and marketing] and can assess your unique problems in your business.

As a result of my work with Chanelle so far, I’ve walked away with knowledge on how to approach my business and to tackle my fears with confidence.

She provides awesome problem-solving solutions to get you achieving the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Chanelle is more than a business coach to me; she has become the voice inside my head, motivating me and encouraging me on a daily basis. She has gone far above and beyond to provide assistance and even to send us leads to new clients. She gives of herself so freely, and I cannot recommend working with her highly enough!

Nicole – PhotoKru Studios



I first contacted Chanelle in October with a very vague idea of becoming a success coach for entrepreneurs. I knew Chanelle from our previous careers, working in the wedding industry in London about 6 years ago, she was a high-end photographer and I was a high-end cake designer.

Chanelle’s encouragement and drive helped me to launch a website within a few days and get the ball rolling on my new career and I joined Chanelle’s 6 Week Group Coaching program in November 2016.

Chanelle’s knowledge of social media platforms and digital marketing is outstanding and she worked very hard to instill us with her knowledge. As well as the scheduled weekly video conferences, she also did impromptu Facebook Live sessions to address particular needs and regular Q & A posts in the private Facebook group, to make sure that nobody was left behind.

During my time working with Chanelle in the 6 Week Group Coaching program, I succeeded in having a branding photoshoot for my website, created an Instagram account and I had my first Discovery Call with a prospective client.

Chanelle’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious and working with her will keep you focused and striving towards your goals and as a result, I highly recommend working with Chanelle.

Janet Mohapi-Banks



I felt energised and focused after my coaching intensive with Chanelle. It made me realise how much I can achieve in a short time, with a coach that is highly professional, grounded and who clearly structures her sessions. I feel completely motivated to take the plunge with confidence, focus, and drive.

Before my coaching intensive with Chanelle, I was feeling overwhelmed as I’d launched the Facebook business page but wasn’t sure how to showcase my work on all the various social media platforms. I felt unsure about how to approach magazines and blogs to feature articles about the new business. My pricing and packaging structure wasn’t in place, and I wasn’t sure how to present the different options to my clients.

Chanelle helped me work out a pricing structure and she helped me maximise my presence on Instagram and Pinterest by giving me some crucial tips and pointers. She recommended specific printed marketing materials that could be handed out in specific locations that would show off the work beautifully. Chanelle has worked in a very similar field in the Caribbean, so she was able to give me first-hand knowledge.

Chanelle helped me with the planning out of the offerings / days out with my clients. We went through starting a newsletter and sending out communication to all of my current and past clients and how to do that.

We went through blog topic ideas. She helped me branch even further from these, suggesting some blog titles/suggestions that would entice more traffic to my website.

Her techniques are concise and fresh, and she is right at the forefront of what is happening right now in the business world (especially online).

Chanelle showed me another avenue for my business that I hadn’t considered before.

I got clear on how to best use and maximise my presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Chanelle gives hands-on advice and knowledge. Her method of ‘teaching’ is precise, practical, clear and unconventional. Her unique perspective gave me new ideas to apply in my business that I hadn’t considered before.

She filled in all the ‘insecure’ gaps I had about my business.

She gave me several really valuable website links to delve into.

Monica Dart



I feel clear on how to organise my routine and where to focus. I’m taking my business to the next level and at the same time getting my personal life back!

I walked away with a new method for my workflow as well as essential information to promote myself.

I recommend working with Chanelle because she helps you to reduce the learning curve, she provides information that it would take a long time to learn on your own!

Personal Branding Photo by Chanelle Segerius-Bruce at Segerius Bruce Photography shot on film.

Carolina Sainz



I was receiving feedback from readers of my travel blog as well as potential clients, stating that I was not reflecting the brand message I was trying to convey. Instead of the refinement I wanted to portray through my travels, they had different perceptions. I also have a social media management online business and wanted to run some ideas through to a business strategist and coach to have more guidance and increase my chance of success.

Chanelle helped me to get clear on my brand and explained how through the power of images and great photography, I could convey my brand’s message. She told me about brand values and to get specific on these. She assisted me in identifying bloggers in my niche. Furthermore, she advised me to create moodboards on Pinterest on how I want my photos to look like, my website to be and gave me specific examples of boards she’s made for herself. That gave me a better idea on how to have more clarity when it comes to my brand.

In regards to my online business, Chanelle gave me valuable advice on pitching, how to pitch, how to prospect for clients, the tone of my pitch and the wording. She also covered target market techniques and how to identify my ideal client. Then, we covered the admin stuff such as invoicing clients, methods of paChanelle gave me valuable advancements online and so on.

In order for me to use my time effectively, Chanelle explained in details about her time management techniques, such as using Google Calendar and also gave me some book titles to read and take inspiration from.

I walked away with precious advice on what my next steps should be in the course of the upcoming weeks. I felt encouraged and inspired to get to work. I feel clear on the direction to take and exactly what to implement and put in place in order to pitch to my ideal clients, convey the right message aligned with my brand and how to do this without getting overwhelmed.

Chanelle is a great listener in terms of your pain points and struggles. She is great at not only encouraging you but also telling you what you need to hear so you can be more productive and more successful. She truly gives more than you expect. She uses her entire life experiences at work and also in her personal life to show you how you can reach your goals and enjoy the job of your dreams without sacrificing your freedom time (personal time, family time, etc).

Beatrice – Mademoiselle Nomad



Within 3-months, I’d completely changed career paths from PA to landing my dream job as a full-time photographer at one of the top studios in London!

Before I started coaching with Chanelle, I was working in an office as a PA, shooting on the weekends and felt totally burned out. I worked with Chanelle in her 90-Day program.

I had a big dream to be a full-time photographer but I was scared, confused and exhausted. I didn’t know where to start and I felt lost.

Chanelle helped me gain self-confidence and I resigned from my full-time job – the best part was my boss offered me 2 months full pay and I could stop working right away! I had the time to shoot for my portfolio, work on my personal brand and I used this to apply for a job at an amazing portrait studio.

I highly recommend working with Chanelle. She is a very inspirational woman and artist; she has a very positive energy, and she definitely has a gift for teaching!

I’d like to add… THANK GOD I FOUND YOU!

Veruschka Baudo



I thoroughly enjoyed my Skype coaching sessions with Chanelle. She’s given me so many great ideas to achieve my goals and advance in my photography business.

Chanelle handed me tools to make changes within my business and it’s up to me to see it through and make things happen, take responsibility and not wait hoping for things to come to me.

Chanelle will guide you beyond just social media! — really so much more.

My weekly sessions with Chanelle opened my mind to more that I could achieve with my business, and they’re all doable.

I now take care of two local restaurant’s Instagram accounts, and I’ve been commissioned to photograph all the content for them too. This added a brand new income stream to my photography business.

Bunn Salarzon



I am motivated and ready to launch my brand and business to the world in 2017.

Before I started working with Chanelle, my business was pitched at the local South African market.

While I worked with Chanelle, she opened up the possibilities of working in the global market by using social media and digital marketing platforms.

As a result of my work with Chanelle, my business and brand now have the look and feel that is authentically me. Planning and achieving the perfect branding photoshoot for my website and other social media platforms was a great success.  The 6 week group coaching programme was well structured and helped me understand and navigate through the social media platforms with ease.

I recommend working with Chanelle because she gave me clarity on how to market my business and brand in the international market.  I walked away with a clear idea on how to use the various social media and digital marketing platforms to attract my ideal client.

Naahid Nakidien



I very much enjoyed my time working with Chanelle. My creative film and design studio had the backbone of something good but it wasn’t very well positioned to communicate clearly to the outside world and the many potential clients out there.

With every session I had with Chanelle, I started with simply not knowing what I might get out of it. I knew I wanted to build my business and make some progress in getting my name out there to increase the success in new business, but apart from that, I had no idea how business coaching worked and what these sessions might add to my business. This is where Chanelle made it a very smooth and enjoyable process, I left each session with a forward momentum – knowing that I had actions to work on and clear targets ahead of me.

I highly recommend working with Chanelle as someone to help with everything from social media, SEO, web communications right through to just being an ear to hear about your own plans in business and having the mind to turn those into something tangible.

Matt West – Motio Studio