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with Chanelle Segerius-Bruce


I help savvy, spirited women, like you, step into the role of mentor, consultant or coach so that you can leverage your years of expertise and create more flexibility and freedom in your life.


You've done your time, been around the block and you're ready to move into the next phase. Let's face it; it's time to stop working your arse off and teach what you know! Free up your weekends, have more time off to travel and enjoy holidays.

You're being approached for coffee dates to have your brain picked or messaged via social media with questions from people in your industry. This is a good sign that you could be paid well for your years of knowledge! 

People email you asking for advice on how you:

•  Run a successful photography studio
•  Design fabulous websites
•  Plan high-end weddings
•  Live a super healthy, energized life
•  Have created success in your business
•  Shoot destination weddings
•  (Use your imagination here, but you get the idea - The thing you're bloody good at doing!)

A lot of the online stuff leaves you feeling a bit confused, although you know you need to embrace it. This program will move you through the steps you need to take to create a business online that attracts your ideal clients.

You run a successful business. You've got years of experience and now it's time to step up, stand out authentically and share your knowledge with those who're dying to learn from you.

I invite you to step up, leverage your expertise, get your message to many and brand yourself as the expert that you are!


This is a LIVE Group Program with video modules and workbooks that take you step-by-step through the process that will get your mentoring business off the ground and teach you how to scale it.

You'll have the support of me through live Q&A calls as well as a private Facebook Group community for members only. 


My private coaching is now sold out until May and I raised my price twice within 6 weeks! I started working with Chanelle at a time when my business was just taking off, and I needed more direction and focus. I had a strong vision but was lacking on the execution part.

Chanelle really helped me roll up my sleeves and get things done for my business: within 6-weeks of working together, I had increased my prices, created and launched my opt-in freebie, and created a strategy for my email marketing.

Celinne Da Costa

BRAND STORY COACH | WRITER - Permanent Traveller

YvD-20160127-00080-bewerkt small

I have not yet officially launched my group coaching program, and I’ve already booked $4750 worth of coaching projects in a week! Just from people talking to me in person, wanting to book me as soon as they heard about the coaching that I offer. So I am now really looking forward that big launch and thanks to Chanelle I dare to dream big!

While I worked with Chanelle, my business has taken a spin and now completely looks, feels and breathes the part of the brand that I want for my coaching projects. The entire brand really resonates with my ideal clients, and they respond really well.

Yvonne van Dalen


Lisa Johnson Just Own This and Carmella Weddings

Whilst working with Chanelle I had a £60k mastermind launch, became an Amazon best-seller, doubled my 1-1 prices and still sold out continuously (always with a waitlist), went up to £10k a month in passive income alone, got asked to speak at several prestigious events and more importantly, now feel much more confident about what more I can achieve in the future.

I was also able to bounce ideas off Chanelle and rant when I needed knowing she’d understand as she had been through similar issues as me.

Lisa Johnson



I'm now creating CONSISTENT 5-FIGURE MONTHS in USD $ in my business!

As a result of my work with Chanelle, I launched a new branding package (with some Skype sessions) priced at $3940 each

My brand is fresher and attracts my ideal clients easily, and I am in a position to reach my financial goals without sacrificing my lifestyle or freedom.

Carol Hampshire



I booked 4 new coaching clients all on 90-Day Packages and brought in $10 000 to this new branch of my business!

My 90-day coaching programme with Chanelle has been transformative! I needed a business coach to help push me to officially launch my new business with a clear direction.

I’ve gone from an idea, to creating a high-level brand and developing and launching my new coaching website, all within 12 weeks.

Laura Payne-Stanley


This is perfect for you if you're:

  • Ready to teach what you know to others
  • Looking to brand yourself as the expert that you are
  • Keen to learn how to work online with clients rather than only in-person
  • Want to mentor, teach, coach, speak, host workshops or retreats (online or offline)
  • Unsure of what to focus on first
  • Feeling unclear on who exactly you want to work with
  • Eager to get your message out to many!
  • Open to offering a blend of advising and high-end done for you services

Learn how to grow a loyal following, speak to your specific ideal clients (Brand Hero), focus on creating a signature package or program and leverage the internet / social media to reach clients globally, just like my clients and I do.



About Chanelle

I'm a business coach, CEO and mom. I've built a business that allows me to have support around the home and I've created a virtual team.

I spent 15 years living in the UK and then the Caribbean. I've worked in top London Ad Agencies as a designer then high-end retoucher for the likes of Mario Testino.

I ran a successful Wedding Photography business from London and traveled to far-flung locations such as Bali, Morocco, Santorini, Mauritius and more. My work was published in magazines 75 times and I was commissioned by You & Your Wedding Magazine to shoot bridal fashion. 

Once Saharah, my daughter, came along things shifted. I no longer wanted to be shooting 15-hour weddings on a Saturday and working all week. I launched a social media marketing agency and organically moved into business coaching.

Workshops-Marketing-Retouched-5853 (3)

I launched and sold out 4 workshops, in 3 locations, aimed at wedding and portrait photographers and I have a number of people on a waiting list for the next one!

I would recommend working with Chanelle as she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help any entrepreneur who is wanting to launch something but isn't sure of where to start.

My most important work to date with Chanelle has been to get clear on my branding and website which is now in development and I am so excited to see the results.

Jacki Bruniqual


Ready for your evolution?

Do you want to build your audience, launch your personal brand, get clear on pricing and packages, and move on to your next phase?

I recently turned 36 and I know that everything I’ve achieved so far is there for you too if you have the focus and drive to make it happen! I didn’t come from money and nothing was handed to me on a plate. I never took out a loan or got into debt to start any of my businesses and I don't have a credit card.

  • I moved from Durban to London when I was 18 with nothing more than a backpack
  • Over the years I changed career paths from Artworker to Retoucher to Photographer to Social Media Marketing to Business Coaching / Consulting (hence the varied knowledge!)
  • I moved to The Caribbean and joined a photography studio in The Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Had a baby!! Yeah, that was a big one!
  • Launched a new business while moving continents  with a 15-month-old and returned “home” to live in South Africa
  • I work from home and don't need to work traditional hours, I love being home when my little girl is finished school
  • My husband’s able to pursue his passion for photography and doesn’t have to take on a 9 to 5 job either!

That's how I was able to move my family to a beautiful house, right on the beach in Jeffrey's Bay, just over a year ago!


My monthly sales have doubled ever since I’ve started working with Chanelle. I’ve already sold almost £19,000 since the beginning of January (and February still has a week to go) with a very healthy other £18,000 in the "almost there” pipeline.

We got super clear on my Brand Hero (ideal client, but deeper!). I got focussed and gained clarity around exactly what my signature program would be and how to explain to my potential clients what benefit they would receive by working with me. 

Kelly Chandler


Claire Morgan PHotographer

€13k June // €13k July and on track for €15K August 2017. That's €41 000 Euros in 90-Days for photography and branding work! Chanelle helped me get clear on how to package my offering and what price point it should be. I learned how to attract my ideal clients through creating a very personal brand.

I now sell high-end photography and branding packages to global clients and I was hired to be the official Divine Living Academy event photographer by Gina Devee in 2017!

Claire Morgan



I'm now successfully selling life & business coaching programs priced at £2500 each! When I started working with Chanelle, I was keen to have a new challenge in business ( having had a successful hair & makeup business for 20 years). However, I could not seem to focus and get moving with any of my ideas; I felt lost and frustrated.

I feel very excited for my future now that I am on the path to making my new dreams come true, and doing something else that I find very rewarding. I'm an ICF trained life coach.

Claire Nicole


What do you get from Build Your Brand Online - The Group Program?

  • Clarity around what your signature offer will be.
  • Create your Brand Hero (your person! your ideal client).
  • Brand yourself as the expert that you are.
  • Explode your visibility and create content that gets your message to many.
  • Use your unique story to connect deeply and authentically online.
  • Learn what systems and structures you need for email list building, growing your tribe.
  • Connect with like-minded, savvy women in a private Facebook Group for members of this program.
  • One on one attention during our live group coaching calls - have all your burning questions answered by me.

Here's the step by step process I take all of my private coaching clients through. The exact way I help them to build a brand online and attract clients by reaching a global audience.


Video Module + Workbook + Live Q&A Coaching Call 

Module 1
Module 1

Goals & Vision

It's time to work out what you want. There's no point spending time and money on building your business when you're not feeling 100% aligned.

Set your goals, do powerful forward visioning and map out what your business needs to look like in order to support the life you want to create.

Write your Brand Stand and know WHY you do what you do.

Move out of worker-bee mode and into the role of coach, consultant, speaker and leader. Narrow down your Zone Of Genius and move from feeling foggy-brained to crystal clear on what you do, what result you get for people and how to begin to articulate that. 

Figure out what online business model is right for YOU.

Module 2
Module 2

Who do you want to work with?

Create your BRAND HERO. It's time to go deep. It's time to get to know your ideal client like never before. I'm talking about knowing her so well that when you write your newsletters and social media posts people message you asking if you were talking about them!?

I get this all the time, and that's a good thing. It means I KNOW you so well 😉

You have to be specific in your marketing. It doesn't mean you'll never work with anyone else but when you can visualise this perfect person and write to them and them alone you'll nail it every time!

I'll help you with this process so it won't feel like a shot in the dark.

Module 3
Module 3

Get clear on your main offer

Create your signature package or program. Let's nail down your key offer. The one thing you're excited to put together and share with the world. It's the package you want every client to buy!

A confused mind says no! When you're all over the place with your offers you'll feel overwhelmed and confused - imagine how your potential clients see this?

It's time to flesh this out fully and be proud of the value you're offering and to charge your worth for your years of knowledge and experience. 

Use this to map out your:

• In-person workshops
• Retreats or Masterminds
• Online Skype mentoring programs
• VIP Intensive days (coaching/consulting/mentoring/teaching)
• Done-for-you service mixed with consulting
• Group programs to scale and leverage your time

Module 4
Module 4

Attract clients with your brand

PERSONAL BRANDING. Create connection through STORY and your unique visual brand. What's fascinating about you to your Brand Hero? How can you stand out and remain authentic and genuine? Hint: the more real and personable you are the more this will happen naturally.

Create the visual elements of your brand. Nail the look and feel. You might need a brand refresh or be creating a personal brand for this new arm of your business. Learn what goes into a shoot that's going to reflect your personality and where you are now (admit it, those pics you had done a year ago are looking a little tired!).

Pull the pieces together and refresh your website or create a new one for your new target audience. Post in the facebook group and get my one-on-one feedback. Ask your questions about your brand during the live coaching calls to work out what's best for you. 

Module 5
Module 5

Clients find YOU on social media

Your message to many. Time for the world to find out what you do, who you are and how you can help them. Being specific in your marketing will ensure you attract your BRAND HERO. However, you do need to know how to create content and spread it across multiple social media platforms so that they have a chance to find you!

I'll provide you with the exact blueprint that I use and my social media marketing clients have been using for over 2-years now.

Learn how to create a piece of Pillar Content that gets shared across the internet. Batch your content creation and schedule it out so that you're not bogged down with posting all day long and not knowing what to do where.

BONUS: Brand Your Instagram my comprehensive Instagram Course videos!

Module 6
Module 6

Get leads via Facebook ads

Modern Lead Generation. Get with the program! You have potential dream clients all over the world and with the way of the internet these days you have access to them - if you know how. 

Through building your email list, creating a freebie and keeping in contact with people through your newsletters and possibly a Facebook Group you now have a brand new way of building a tribe.

Step-by-step walkthrough of what you need to start building up your database (ever heard the phrase "your money's in your list?") with targeted clients who want to work with you.

Start using paid traffic AKA Facebook ads to speed up this marketing process. I'll cover target audiences, the Facebook Power Editor, your tracking pixel and what that even means, plus pull it all together with your Freebie and your email list building. 


Guest Experts

Story Marketing - Guest Expert

"My first Facebook Ads Campaign had a 2000% ROI. I’ve added story to every component of a marketing funnel. Ads. Landing Pages. Lead Magnets. Emails. Sales Pages. Sales Enrollment Calls. Even Retargeting and Follow-Ups.

My campaigns have made millions for my clients and increased sales conversions for already successful companies. What I’m most proud of is that I’m proving that marketing can be empathy-driven, and still wildly profitable. I’ve taught this to everyone from solopreneurs to 8-Figure companies."

Kylie's worked with top people in the industry including Gina Devee (The Divine Living Academy) for 2 years.

Kylie Slavik

Facebook Ads Guest Expert

Rather than spending your energy hunting down your next clients, imagine having a strategic partner to create, manage and scale your paid advertising.

I'm Portia R. Jackson and I can help you do that by mixing together a large dose of strategy, a smattering of personality and leveraging my former rocket scientist brain to create fruitful and lucrative Facebook ads and messenger bots.

Portia R. Jackson

Sales Conversations -  Guest Expert

Rebecca Matias is a personal growth hacker and success strategist, author and inspirational speaker who supports passionate high-achieving women entrepreneurs to eliminate the patterns and subconscious beliefs that hold them back, so they can break through to their next level of success. 

Rebecca did over $1 million in sales while working for one of the world's largest coaching companies.

Rebecca takes a fierce, laser-focused approach to helping women create 6-7 figure businesses and lives they love because she believes that “when women are financially empowered, the world changes for the better.” Rebecca is a proud mother of two amazing boys and is committed to rocking her life out in every area to live her highest potential.

Rebecca Matias

How to sell out group courses -
Guest Expert

An Amazon best selling author who has featured on the BBC, Express and Huffington Post as well as having spoken at WedX and Planners Extraordinaire in Dubai, Lisa also runs two wedding businesses whilst raising her 6-year-old twins.

Lisa's consistently sold out every coaching programme and course she's offered including a Mastermind in just 2 days and gained 150 subscribers to a monthly membership in a weekend giving her a semi-passive income stream of over £7k per month. Lisa will be telling you the steps she takes to sell out her programmes and the biggest mistake people make when selling a course.

Lisa Johnson

Releasing limiting beliefs - Guest Expert

Laura's an award-winning platform creator with over 1/2 million social reach, an experienced marketer, and Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Laura will be doing a training on Releasing Limiting Beliefs as you step into the role of expert in your personal brand

Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy
Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
Postgraduate in International Marketing

Featured on Huffington Post, & Style Me Pretty, committee member for NLP International Conference and speaking at Paperfest, French Flower School and University resident speaker on Student Enterprise.

Laura Payne-Stanley

PR Guest Expert
Having worked in PR (in-house and consultancy side) for almost 15 years, Jenny decided it was time to ditch the corporate world and help other businesses, both large and small, achieve PR wins.
Throughout her career, she has worked in the construction, property, hospitality, agriculture, beauty, clothing, childcare and travel industries as well as working directly with business and life coaches.
Always obsessed with the news agenda, Jenny’s tenacity and timing for creating and placing stories often result in national coverage for her clients, as well as coverage in online and trade titles that matter most to her clients.

Jenny Holden

Discover how some simple PR tactics can work for you: 

1. Creating your PR vision
2. Understanding how journalists work
3. Creating a media diary
4. Finding the right journalists
5. Drafting a news release and DIY media relations

Confidence Coach

Lucy is a confidence coach and professional make-up artist. She encourages women to become the best version of themselves - so that they thrive in life and in business. She is currently a partner with Live Better With :: Cancer and is running a series of confidence and makeup videos for their huge online community and has recently had coverage in Cosmopolitan magazine, Margate Mercury and has had a number of speaking engagements at female business events. 

Lucy regularly runs online confidence courses and a number of creative make-up courses, alongside her 1-1 coaching and VIP MAKEUP MASTERY sessions. Lucy’s mission is to develop and maintain confidence for all women because Confidence equals success and without Confidence, business and life can be extremely limiting.

Lucy Baker

Instant access to the membership site:


I'm here for you!

During the live Q&A calls you'll get your pressing questions answered and receive feedback on your ideas, programs, branding and get help from me.

I'll personally be active in the private Facebook Group, especially for those taking part in this program, so that you can have my help throughout the week. Post your questions anytime. If you're in my free community, you'll know that it's a non-spammy genuine group so this one will be stepping it up a notch or two.

See you on the inside!



GET INSTANT ACCESS to the video modules and worksheets. There will be live group coaching calls once a week so that you can have your questions answered by me. There will also be a private Facebook Group. To remove the risk for you, I offer a money back guarantee within 2 weeks of signing up. Just shoot me an email, show me that you've done the worksheets and let me know why you feel it's not right for you after all and I'll refund the full fee.

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Get Instant Access to all the Videos and Workbooks!


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3 Payments of


12 Monthly Payments Of

VIP TRACK (only 8 Spots!)

Includes a weekly 30 min private coaching call with Chanelle for six weeks
One Payment Of

Through Chanelle's help, we gained mentoring clients (Our 3-month program is £1800)  as a direct result of her marketing suggestions. She helped break through some of the mental barriers we had regarding selling our services.

One way she helped was through teaching us how to create our first paid webinar from sales page to the actual recording of the training, this now brings us regular passive income.  She taught us the principles of Facebook ads giving us the confidence to run our own. One such ad has enabled us to grow our mailing list by over 400 in just 2 months.

Bernadette and Sandy



I made $2K for 2-Hours of one-on-one consulting work!

“Hi Chanelle, the private consulting went better than I could have hoped! My client loved the whole process. After the session, my client opened up his checkbook and wrote me a check for $2k and handed it to me.

I can’t put into words how it feels to be paid based on value rather than time. I am so grateful for your assistance and encouragement. Wow! I just made $2k for 2 hours of work. I can surely get used to this. ”

Joe – Shifter Magazine



Julia Boggio Coaching Testimonial

As a result of my work with Chanelle, I have become more proactive in reaching out to the clients who already love my work and she’s helped me to organise my life better. I’m actively seeking out speaking engagements to promote my online training and the website should be launching soon.

While I worked with Chanelle, she helped me to focus on getting results by going back to basics; she encouraged me to reach out personally to clients and build relationships again (I used to have a staff who managed these relationships for me). She also helped me to make decisions about where to take the business and has been invaluable in coaching me on how to add online training to my offering.

Julia Boggio


Bonus Trainings

Get these additional FREE trainings included when you sign up:

6-Week Group Coaching Audio Trainings from my last group program (Value $497)


Plus these bonus trainigs:

Bonus 1

A website that converts

I'll talk you through the must-haves for a website that converts (aka gets people to contact you and join your email list). You want it to be super easy for people to get hold of you. Learn what the top agency's in New York are doing (I recently had my site reviewed by one of them and I'm going to pass on what they taught me). What's working in 2017? What do you have to know before creating/updating your website.

(value $150) Included with your program

SEO - How to get your site at the top of Google Searches 

You need to have your website come up at the top of Google searches. I will show you behind-the-scenes inside my WordPress websites. Find out which plugins to use and why. Get into the head of your Brand Hero (ideal client) and think about what they would be searching for. Know what to blog about and why it's so important for SEO. Learn my on page SEO techniques for coming up!

(value $299) Included with your program

Bonus 2

Bonus 3

What you can do to get clients right now

I get it, you want to bring in clients yesterday! In this training, I will show you what to do to get clients in right now! Action steps that you can take today and this week to be visible, put your offer out there, get in front of people who want to buy what you have to offer. This is what it takes: consistency, clarity and approaching the right people. Steps to bring in clients asap!

(value $199) Included with your program

Keep your head in the game

A lot of you aren't succeeding because of holding yourself back, fear, anxiety - the I'm not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough or qualified enough. Listen, if you've been in business for a few years and are highly experienced (like I know you are) then it's time to move out of your own way and take action! I'm going to share with you how I've worked on my mindset and how I keep going even when fear rears its ugly head.

 (value $199) Included with your program

Bonus 4


A final note

I prefer a no-nonsense, straight to the point approach and I have a feeling you do too. I'll be me and you can be you. Let's get down to business and get you doing something new, without all the Googling and confusion about what to do and what it all means.

Clarity is a powerful thing. If you find you're not making videos, posting, writing or emailing your newsletter out to your list it's probably because you're not feeling clear about exactly what it is you want to say and do!

Once you get clear it doesn't mean you won't feel the fear. The OMG, am I good enough or will this fly? It's normal! Take the action and move through it anyway. You'll learn along the way. If you want some support and to be part of a tribe of ladies I'd love to have you join my group program.

A recap of what's included...

6 High-quality training videos of Chanelle teaching to camera (not slides)

6 Workbooks for you to dig deep and get crystal clear on what you sell, who you want to work with,  what your personal brand needs to be and how to reach clients online

6 Weekly live coaching Q&A calls so you can get your questions answered

A supportive community: A private Facebook group for members of this program

Guest expert trainer on Facebook Ads 

Lifetime membership, for as long as the program is up

BONUS:  6 x (over 1-hour each) Audio Recordings of the trainings I did for my last group program (Value $497) covering marketing, branding, mindset and more

BONUS: Brand Your Instagram online self-study video training 

Optional VIP Track which includes private 1:1 Coaching Calls 


We learned more in that 1hr session than all the advice we’ve received to date.

Thank you so much for the 1hr Skype call we had with you to learn more about social media. You were incredibly open and warm with all your advice and knowledge. Thank you so much. You’re lovely!

Pippa & Ian



GET INSTANT ACCESS to the video modules and worksheets. There will be live group coaching calls once a week so that you can have your questions answered by me. There will also be a private Facebook Group. To remove the risk for you, I offer a money back guarantee within 2 weeks of signing up. Just shoot me an email, show me that you've done the worksheets and let me know why you feel it's not right for you after all and I'll refund the full fee.

Get Started Now


Get Instant Access to all the Videos and Workbooks!


One Payment Of



3 Payments of


12 Monthly Payments Of

VIP TRACK (only 8 Spots!)

Includes a weekly 30 min private coaching call with Chanelle for six weeks
One Payment Of


Since the full re-brand, I was invited to speak alongside Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols in a personal and professional development summit! 

Synchronicities connected Chanelle and I, when I was looking for a website developer. My old website was overdue for a make-over, and in my mind, I had crafted a new brand that I needed to visually put to life. I felt like I had outgrown my old brand. The moment I spoke to Chanelle I knew she was the one for the job.

Because Chanelle does so much more than just the website design, she was able to help me with the process from a to z. She made the process feel effortless from the beginning until end. I had put off creating a new site for some time as it felt like it would be so much work, but Chanelle made the process fun. Her commitment and love for what she does were evident, and she was very patient with me as I’m extremely picky when it comes to design. However, because Chanelle understood what I needed she was able to quickly find the right solution. During our work together we put my new brand into a visual concept, created a new logo, pictures, and website to properly reflect my new brand.

Because of Chanelle’s understanding of my industry, online marketing skills and visual understanding as a designer and photographer, she did what most other web developers can’t do - complete the entire process for the rebrand and website from a to z with quality in every step. I would recommend Chanelle to anyone who is serious about creating their personal brand and website and who understands the value of quality. Chanelle's background in the advertising world gives her a huge advantage for anyone who wants to create a unique personal brand from the ground up.

Again, thank you so much for everything! Hugs! 


Vibeke Schurch

Success-soul® living | HEALER & BUSINESS COACH (Full personal brand creation with photos, video, website, coaching and VIP Intensive in The Seychelles)