Kelly’s completed my 6-Week Accelerator Program and made almost £14,000!

Whoop – the final numbers are in and I’m so proud of Kelly and the amazing success she achieved using my 6-week accelerator. This kick-ass program’s all about the WORK. We work hard, we work fast – and the program WORKS like a bomb!


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“Before I started working with Chanelle, I was doing very well in establishing my newer consulting business. But, after a great 1st quarter, I hit a plateau and was feeling overwhelmed with so many ideas and so much to do to achieve the success I was seeking and unsure of where to focus.

While I worked with Chanelle, she helped me get razor-focussed on who my absolutely ideal client/brand hero looked like and how to write with them in mind. This not only helped me with who to target but it’s become so much easier to fine-tune which marketing methods to focus on for major success.

Beyond that Chanelle has also helped me get very clear on which of my services are the most enjoyable and rewarding for me and I’m now happily focused on driving my activity towards working with more of those clients.  Chanelle has worked with me to increase my knowledge in certain tech areas too that will help me keep in touch with and in front of my ideal clients.

I’ve secured almost £14,000 of new business in the 6-week programme with 3 new ideal clients on board. I have a very healthy and exciting pipeline for the autumn and beyond which I’m thrilled about.

As a result of my work with Chanelle  I am now so much clearer about what I’m going for and therefore so much more focused in my activity on a daily basis which is reaping amazing rewards.

I recommend working with Chanelle because she’s really excellent at digging and delving to unveil the core issues and uses all her resources to come up with tailor-made solutions that are just right for your business. 

She’s a huge action taker who encourages action taking in her clients (we worked so fast in this6 week programme which I loved) and she really knows her stuff in so many areas when it comes to modern marketing and tech” – Kelly Chandler.

Kelly Chandler | The Bespoke Wedding Company | Segerius Bruce Coaching




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