Private VIP Day


One-On-One Business Coaching with Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

At the Oyster Box hotel

  • Do you have an idea that you haven’t yet acted on?
  • What do your days look like?
  • Are you living out the life you really want or are you feeling overwhelmed and headed towards burn-out?
  • Do you experience guilt when you work late? Or anxious when spending time with family and friends, feeling like you should be back at your desk doing more work?

Imagine setting aside an entire day devoted to working out your next move in your life & business.

Get clear on exactly what you want from your life and how to create a business that supports it. Together, we’ll dive deep and you’ll walk away knowing what to do next.

Are you ready for ...

Business coach for moms




Business Branding Coach - Chanelle Segerius Bruce


My clients often work with me as a coach when they have this nagging feeling that something has to change!

Are You ...

  • Confused about which direction to go in next?
  • Looking to take the leap into entrepreneurship?
  • Unsure about all the social media platforms out there?
  • Looking to up-level your brand?

One-on-one coaching days allow you to define YOUR successful life and business. Get clear on what you want to do next, how to market for clients and how you can create a Jaw-Dropping Brand that attracts them.

I’ve worked with people from corporate to photographers, coaches, wedding planners, filmmakers and bloggers. What’s incredible about individual coaching is that it’s organically tailored to what you need in your business right now.

Join me for a Luxury Coaching Intensive at The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga, South Africa

Take some time away from your everyday life and your business. This is the time to stop working in your business and start working on your business!

One-on-one coaching intensives 2018

Full day at The Oyster Box (or Plettenberg Hotel) with Chanelle includes all refreshments throughout the day and a 2-course meal at the restaurant for a working lunch. Includes Private venue hire.

BONUS - You get access to my group program and online course:


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Ready To Focus On You And Your Business?

it's time to get clear and take action!


I am now creating CONSISTENT 5-FIGURE MONTHS (USD $) in my business!

I booked onto a luxury one day intensive with Chanelle at The Plettenberg Hotel, and I'm in Four Month coaching program with her.

Before I started working with Chanelle, my business was ready for a major overhaul. Although I had been working for myself for 20 years, I lad lost my inspiration and was ready to change direction and up level in all areas of my business.

While I worked with Chanelle, she helped me get into inspired action through helping my implement top quality business strategy, focus mindset and an ever encouraging passion for what she does.

As a result of my work with Chanelle, I launched a new branding package in 2 weeks! I have a plan of action for my brand, my message, and my offerings and I am set to triple my income in the first month of working with her.

My brand is fresher and attracts my ideal clients easily, and I am in a position to reach my financial goals without sacrificing my lifestyle or freedom.

Carol Hampshire

Branding Designer, Knysna, South Africa

Do You Want More From Your Life & Business?

Set your own hours.  Dream big. Take action.


I see so many women not even allowing themselves to try. You rationalise with reasons such as:

  • It’s already been done before
  • I need one more qualification before I can start
  • I’m  not comfortable sharing myself online
  • If I put my price up nobody will book me
  • I can manage on my own
  • The market is so saturated already with *insert your field here*
  • I can’t allow myself to hire team members for extra support

These are blocks or limiting beliefs that you put ahead of pursuing your new passions. It makes it logically ok in your mind that you haven’t yet gone for it. A form of validation if you will. It’s also self-sabotage.

Think about that for a while. Are you ready to move past these thoughts and go for it in a big way?


Within 12 weeks I’d booked 4 new coaching clients all on 90-Day Packages and brought in $10 000 to this new branch of my business!

My 90-day coaching programme with Chanelle has been transformative! I needed a business coach to help push me to officially launch my new business with a clear direction.

I’ve gone from an idea, to creating a high-level brand and developing and launching my new coaching website, all within 12 weeks.

Laura Payne-Stanley


My Background & Experience

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

I’ve designed a life & business where I can WORK FROM ANYWHERE and be there EVERY AFTERNOON WITH MY LITTLE GIRL. I desire to help other business owners to have more TIME FREEDOM ...

for self-care, doing things they enjoy and spending time with their family.

By 2013 I was on paid commissions to shoot editorial by Wedding Magazine and You & Your Wedding. I worked closely with Peta Hunt who is chief stylist and editor-at-large at You & Your Wedding Magazine

I run and own a SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COMPANY with 2 full-time employees.  My clients have included a luxury villa developer in The Caribbean, Wedding Industry Professionals, The Chocolate Festival in London, Photography Studios and a Health Coach. My clients are worldwide in countries including The UK, America, The Caribbean and South Africa.

I have a background in graphic design and high-end retouching working for the likes of MARIO TESTINO in London. Being emerced in the fashion industry as well as working for Top 10 Ad agencies around London’s given me years of insight into luxury branding.

My photography work was published internationally 74 times with over 250 pages of magazine tear sheets.

I flew around the world with my husband for eight years, to cover high-end wedding events in Bali, Mauritius, Morocco, Santorini, Prague, Cyprus, The Caribbean, South Africa and more!

I achieved this despite:

  • People saying an artworker can never transition to being a high-end retoucher
  • It being “known” that a wedding photographer will never get PAID to shoot bridal fashion
  • Not paying for any advertising or PR for my wedding photography business, I did it all myself

I recently turned 36 and I know that everything I’ve achieved so far is there for you too if you have the focus and drive to make it happen! I didn’t come from money and nothing was handed to me on a plate ...

  • I moved from Durban to London when I was 18 with nothing more than a backpack
  • Over the years I changed career paths from Artworker to Retoucher to Photographer to Social Media Manager
  • I moved to The Caribbean and joined a photography studio in The Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Had a baby!! Yeah, that was a big one!
  • Launched a new business whilst moving continents  with a 15-month-old and returned “home” to live in South Africa
  • I only work from 8 am to 2 pm and have every weekend off. My husband’s able to pursue his passion of surf photography and doesn’t have to take on a 9 to 5 job either!
Business Branding Coach - Chanelle Segerius Bruce

I didn’t have a child for somebody else to bring up. Both of us being able to spend us much time as we do with her is ... something I’m grateful for on a daily basis!

We all start somewhere, but you can quickly move up the ladder and charge higher prices, and it doesn’t have to take forever!

I started shooting weddings at £750 and increased that to £1600, then up to £2250 starting price with album sales on top of that. When we left the UK in 2013, I was invoicing £5000 to £6000 per wedding.

In my freelance retouching work, I started off doing it for experience, moved up to £30 per hour and continued to do freelance work from home when I lived in The Caribbean charging £80 per hour to a high-end London-based client.

When I started my social media marketing business, in Jan 2015, my monthly fee was $350, it went up to $500 and now my clients are on $750 per month with a minimum 6-month contract.

At the photography studio in The Caribbean, I photographed family portraits and weddings and brought in a total of $250 000 in one year! This is while I was pregnant and then had a young baby too.

I was being asked the inevitable question “When are you coming back to work full time?” The truth is I never want to work full time again.

When I looked at the numbers and worked out that the nanny who was looking after my baby was taking home more than me, I knew I had to have my own business again!

It was scary to leave that paradise island, move country and start a brand new business. But it’s absolutely worthwhile!

I'm ready ... what's next?

What happens at a

luxury coaching intensive?

BONUS: You get access to my group program and online course:



Before The Intensive

Keep in mind that personal coaching is a very organic process. The following is a guide but your intensive day can be tailored to exactly what you need.

A One-Hour Skype Coaching Session

  • We start the coaching with a pre-intensive Skype session
  • Start to work out what it is you want and what your goals are
  • Which areas do you need to work on the most?

Welcome Pack Worksheet

  • The inner work is crucial, calendar in time to max out your welcome pack
  • Answer all the questions fully, I always max out my worksheets!
  • Dive deep into how you want your life and business to look

Branding Worksheets

  • This will help you to develop your voice as a brand
  • Teach you how to put yourself out there
  • Work out exactly what your message and story are

Access To My Online Course: Brand Your IG (Instagram Training) – Usually $297

  • Start learning from me right away at home
  • Watch the instant access videos any time
  • Start creating your visual brand on Instagram so that you can attract ideal clients
  • Learn about how to build your email list and newsletters in the bonus module


Your Luxury Intensive At The Oyster Box

Get super clear about on what you want and how to get it. During our coaching day, we’ll work through what’s stopping you and map out your version of an extraordinary life & business.

What’s stopping you?

  • We’ll work through why you’re not moving forwards
  • Work on limiting beliefs and how to change them
  • Figure out if you feel shy about putting yourself out there online

Your Offer

  • What are you selling?
  • Price point and packages
  • Clear messaging

Money and Business

  • Looking at the numbers intimately
  • What does your profit & loss sheet say? Do you have one?
  • What to outsource and what to keep an eye on
  • Studying your money in and money out all the time and why it’s important
  • How much tax are you paying? What profit did you make in the last three months? What’s your average sale? Do you even have a clue? You need to!

A Jaw-Dropping Brand

  • We’ll go through the branding worksheet
  • How to create a brand that attracts ideal clients
  • Why branding is so important
  • How it’s connected to the price you charge
  • Action steps to take to move forward

Social Media

  • What to say and where to say it
  • Finding out where your ideal clients are
  • Scheduling your content so it doesn’t take over your life
  • It’s changed the way we communicate, don’t get left behind!

Marketing: Facebook Ads / Newsletters / List Building

  • I create all my own Facebook Ads
  • How to target correctly
  • Get your ads to convert as well as mine do (always below $2.30 per conversion)
  • Understand why FB Ads are so powerful
  • Building an email list
  • Communication and how to use a newsletter properly
  • How to do this without feeling salesy


  • How to get press in magazines and on blogs
  • Why PR is still important these days
  • Taking action and knowing what to do
  • Knowing when you’re ready for a PR agent

Work Life Balance

  • How to have more time with your loved ones
  • Prioritising self-care
  • Having time to keep fit and look after yourself

Building a Support System

  • When to outsource and what
  • Hiring team members
  • What should you be doing and what do you need to let go of?

Walk away with a clear action plan on exactly what to do next!

I’m very technical and a hands-on learner. I create all my own websites, landing pages, facebook ads and newsletters. I know when it’s time to outsource once I know exactly how I want things done!

Last year I invested over $10 000 in:

  • A high-level business coach
  • An international online coaching academy course
  • A top-notch Facebook ads expert

Once I took the step to invest in myself and my business I was able to move at a super fast pace!

Are You Ready For A Change?

Join me for a luxury intensive

Join me for a luxury in-person coaching intensive where we concentrate on you, your life and your business!

Full day at The Oyster Box with Chanelle $2500 – includes all refreshments throughout the day and a 2-course meal at the restaurant for a working lunch.

The Oyster Box Hotel OR The Plettenberg Hotel

BONUS: You get access to my group program and online course:


I'm ready ... what's next?

If you can’t come out to South Africa in person then I do have ongoing coaching packages available via Skype. This way, I work with people from all over the world!